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Our Stories Indian family cooking in a dirt floor hut with animals. Our Stories

Real life stories of Talking Bibles listeners

When God speaks directly through his Word, he breaks down barriers of misunderstanding, mistrust, and fear. Every month, we feature the story of a life changed by the grace of God. The stories below are only a small fraction of the thousands of testimonies that we have collected directly from new believers who have received a Talking Bible.

Pastor John and Pari One of Pastor John's converts clutches her Talking Bible during the service. Pastor John and Pari

Thank God most of us are not called to take a beating for being a Christian and wanting to share our faith. But there are some who are! Pastor John has been beaten so others can hear about Jesus. He is one who has been called to suffer and be beaten for the Gospel’s sake.

Anaya Anaya

There are still many places where God’s light has not penetrated the darkness and countless people who have not heard of His love and forgiveness. But the evil spirit that had possessed Anaya’s friend could not stand hearing the Word of the Lord.

Wario Wario

Wario cannot read or write. He was born and lives in a small village in Ethiopia, where he farms and raises cattle. Neither his wife nor his nine children can read. They knew nothing about God before they received a Talking Bible.

Worku Worku

No one would listen to Worku when he preached. Because few of the 4,000 people in his rural community can read, they did not trust his word for what the Bible says. His ministry was suffering, while people stopped coming to church. Then Worku received a Talking Bible and everything changed!

Priya Priya

The pastor asked Priya if she was interested in receiving a Bible. She didn’t understand why he would ask her. He knew that most of the women in her village cannot read. This Bible, however, was different.

Kalé Kalé

Kalé realizes that God provides everything she needs, and that “Waq” has never provided the Borana people anything. She is so grateful for her Talking Bible—for God’s gift of His Word.

Rabada Rabada

Rabada never heard any Bible stories as a child. He also cannot read so he has difficulty sharing Bible stories with his children. He recently received a Talking Bible to play in his fishing village community. The Talking Bible not only allows him to be an effective witness, but it also is changing his family.

Pastor Kala Pastor Kala

Pastor Kala is a part time professor, a well-known apologist for the Christian faith, and is able to discuss the Bible fluently in multiple Indian languages. The people in Pastor Kala’s churches belong to a low caste and earn their living as fishermen. Two years ago, the community received 75 Talking Bibles. Pastor Kala admits his education did not prepare him for the church growth that resulted.

Panabuni Lual Panabuni Lual

In Gambella, Ethiopia, Panabuni Lual was once known for his violent aggression towards others, including his own wife and children. He says people used to avoid him. Now Panabuni is known as the man who walks through town as the “watchman,” listening to his Talking Bible and sharing what it says with anyone willing to hear.

Mark Mark

Like many new Christians, Mark desired to grow in knowledge and faith. However, as he was both poor and a non-reader, he did not have any resources. He was frustrated because he could not explain the basics of his new faith. His friends even mocked him and tempted him to go back into his old ways.

Pastors James and Peter Pastors James and Peter

Pastor James said the Talking Bibles were helpful because few of his people can read and hearing the Word of God is the only way to extend peace to the refugees. He added, ‘Most do not even know the alphabet, but when we listen…we know sometimes God’s people will suffer and this helps us restore our faith and keep our faith in this hardship.’

Johann Johann

Johann and his community grow up in a low caste with little expectation of receiving an education, but that does not mean they are unintelligent. The fisherman says, “I was constantly aware this life is not permanent. Maybe I’ll see sixty, seventy, or even eighty years, but my Hindu background did not satisfy my question of what happens next. I needed to know where would we go.”