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Our Stories Indian family cooking in a dirt floor hut with animals. Our Stories

Real life stories of Talking Bibles listeners

When God speaks directly through his Word, he breaks down barriers of misunderstanding, mistrust, and fear. Every month, we feature the story of a life changed by the grace of God. The stories below are only a small fraction of the thousands of testimonies that we have collected directly from new believers who have received a Talking Bible.

Pastor John Pastor John

Gatherings meant for comforting refugees developed into formal Talking Bible listening groups where Pastor John taught leaders to study through the New Testament chapter by chapter. Soon, the Talking Bibles were each being used several times each week by these listening groups.

Shakruntla and Annuj Shakruntla and Annuj

In the weeks before their pre-arranged marriage, Annuj planned to kill his fiancée Shakruntla to run away and begin a new life. He says he despised that she was always praying to Jesus and thought she would get in the way of his drinking.

Tadesse Tadesse

Before he received a Talking Bible, Tadesse was discouraged and frustrated. He desired to know more about the Bible, but he had to wait until someone could read it to him. His Talking Bible finally made it possible for him to have a personal Bible study.

Mariama Mariama

Mariama’s pastor gave her the Talking Bible. Now she counts it as one of her most valuable possessions. She had never had access to a Bible like this before. Mariama feels fortunate to have it so she can listen and grow in her faith.

Duba Duba

In the five months since the village received the Talking Bibles, 23 people have believed in Jesus Christ. Those who were previously skeptical are now curious to hear God speaking to them.

Nagalakshmi Nagalakshmi

Nagalakshmi tried to hang herself with a sari. “Then,” she says, “a light touched me.” She got off the stool and asked herself, “Why should I die? God healed my baby. God can uphold my family. I will learn to trust him.”

Martha Martha

When the refugees eventually return to their villages or make new homes elsewhere, they will bring those Talking Bibles with them. God’s Word will reach remote places that missionaries might never find.

Nagaraju Nagaraju

What a wonderful opportunity for a man like Nagaraju, who has had little education and cannot read, to be able to share the love of God with his family, friends, and neighbors, thanks to a Talking Bible.

James Far from home, James and his family are blessed by a Talking Bible. James

Over half a million people in the areas where we work have been displaced because of the fighting and danger in South Sudan. Many have lost their family, their homes, and their livelihoods. They need God’s comforting Word.

Tura, Duura, and Bup Tura, Duura, and Bup

Thank you for helping place Talking Bibles in the world where people can’t read. This Thanksgiving we want to show our thanks by sharing a few stories of people whose lives have been changed by God’s Word through a Talking Bible.

Bejayama Bejayama

Bejayama has a printed Bible, but she can’t read. She carries her Bible everywhere she goes. She knows that it is God’s Word, but she can’t reach the truth inside.

Ariet Ariet

Grasping the Talking Bible between her hands, Ariet listened in awe. God was talking to her—in her own language! Now Ariet can’t get enough. Neighbors and friends come to her house to hear. On her way to and from work, she plays the Talking Bible for others who join her on her walk. She listens day and night.